With J.J. Watt, Are the Cardinals Contenders?

Part of the problem was Murray’s injuries began to pile up coupled with losing against inferior opponents. While it is tough to predict injuries, Kyler’s stature and playing style does leave him susceptible. Staying on the injury theme, J.J. Watt hasn’t had an optimal injury history recently. Watt has played less than eight games three out of the last five seasons. Moreover, even playing all sixteen in 2020, he had his least productive full season totaling only five sacks.

Moreover, the Cardinals may play in one of the most difficult divisions in the NFL. As of now, Russell Wilson is still the QB for the Seahawks. The Rams have a ferocious defense and added Matthew Stafford. Plus, the 49ers may have had one of the most impactful injury-filled seasons in history. Even if they get to the playoffs, do they have enough to contend with the Bucs or Green Bay?

The Verdict

Ultimately, I feel that Watt can rejuvenate and inspire this team. With the draft and free agency, so much can happen before September. If things fall in line, I could see them taking another step forward. As constructed currently, I still think they need some more pieces in the secondary and offensive line. One thing is for sure, the Cardinals will be must-see TV.

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