Why the Brooklyn Nets Should be the Favorites to Win it All

Now, the only real major concern for the Nets is health. If Durant is out then the Nets don’t have a chance at winning it all. They just don’t. If Irving is out then they have a better shot of making the Finals then they would if Durant is out, but still it’ll be unlikely for them to even get to the Finals with how good the 76ers have played this season and how the Bucks have recently been playing. But if all three superstars are healthy for the playoffs, then there is no excuse for this team no to, at least, get to the finals.

This team, offensively, have shown flashes of greatest. Back in January, their were numbers to suggest that this incarnation of the Brooklyn Nets has been the greatest offensive team to ever play: According to statues since the Harden trade, the Nets offensive rating was 122.6 back on January 31st. At the time that was not just the best in the league, but would go down as the best rating of all time.

The last thing I’ll say about why this Nets team is so scary is that in the playoffs, the difference between winning and losing are the great players and their ability to create their own shot or create shots for their teammates. The Nets have three of the best bucket getters of all time in their primes in a weak Eastern Conference with their only threats being the 76ers, the Bucks, and maybe the Heat if they can turn it around. Yeah, I think I’ll bet on them to win it all.

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