Way Too Early Takeaways from the Beginning of the NBA Season

4. Denver, Oh Denver

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Who would have thought that the Denver Nuggets would have the second worst record in the league two weeks into the season, especially, after their performance in the bubble?

Well, like Washington, the Nuggets put up a lot of points, but don’t play any defense. Also, like Washington, Denver’s superstar, Nikola Jokic, is putting up ridiculous numbers. Jokic is putting up 23 points a game, 11 rebounds per game, and 13 assists per game. 13 ASSISTS A GAME! That’s first in the league. The seven foot Serbian is balling. Yet, Denver has lost four of their first five games.

The main problem with Denver is their defense.

It’s clear that they miss Jermai Grant on some level. He was a reliable defender that that could guard multiple positions. Now that he’s gone to Detroit, Denver has lost some of that toughness.

The Nuggets front office is banking on Michael Porter Jr. to be able to give them what Grant did. So far Porter has playing well on the offensive end of the floor. Their are times when he flashes that potential everyone saw in him when he was coming out of high school. However, on the defensive end, he’s struggled to say the least.

Even if the Nuggets turn things around, which they most certainly will, their front office may be busy trying to make some deals to get some quality defensive players.

If the Nuggets, for some reason, don’t manage to turn things around, maybe they become a suitor for James Harden. It’s doubtful, but the Nuggets are one of the few teams that have enough assists to give up to get the Beard and not salvage their entire roster.

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