Top Holiday Gifts For Playmakers (2020)

  1. Dr. Dish

It was too hard to decide which bundle we prefer, so they both share the spotlight for the number one holiday gift(s) this year for playmakers. Dr. Dish offers rebound & assist, high tech devices that allow hoopers to focus purely on their shooting and handles while Dr. Dish does the extra labor for them.

These state-of-the-art basketball training machines are used by top D1 programs such as Duke, UNC, Florida, Miami, Oregon, Vanderbilt, Louisville, Washington State, SDSU, and NBA organizations including the Miami Heat.

Let’s take a look at both bundles.

Dr. Dish Home Bundle:

This is the ultimate gift for every hooper.

Get unlimited reps up at home with the only fully automatic smart-phone controlled basketball shooting machine by Dr. Dish. This holiday, the exclusive Dr. Dish Home Bundle includes the machine, membership, Free T-shirt, up to 2 FREE Chance Athletics basketballs, PLUS a donation to Special Olympics.

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Dr. Dish iC3 Bundle: 

Dr. Dish also offers the affordable iC3 Shot Trainer as well. With the iC3, you can increase shooting reps by 300% with up to 16 shots per minute with correct form and arc. This holiday, you can also get a FREE Chance basketball with the purchase of the iC3.

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