Top 25 Players Who Had Biggest Change in NBA 2K20 Ratings

Derrick Favors: +2

In the absence of Zion Williamson, Favors has done everything the New Orleans Pelicans hired him to do. Although their team’s record is not too hot, it’s not only because of Favors.

They are a young team that’s learning the ropes of the NBA as they go. Favors is a veteran that’s stepped in and showed leadership, and it shows on his improved 2K rating. He is averaging an almost double-double with 9.8 points and 10.1 rebounds per game, and his 2K rating is now an 80 overall.

Josh Richardson: -2

This makes the second person on the Philadelphia 76ers that has a declined rating on NBA 2K20. With that being said, there’s definitely trouble brewing in Sixers’ land. Richardson has seen his numbers decline this year with the Sixers from his numbers last season with the Miami Heat.

The numbers have not changed too much from last season, but they have minimally declined. Richardson has also been inconsistent and for these reasons, his 2K rating has suffered. His overall is now 79.

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