Top 25 Players Who Had Biggest Change in NBA 2K20 Ratings

Marcus Smart: -2

Although Smart’s averages have improved from last season to this season, he, in no way, has been what the Boston Celtics were hoping for from a point guard in his sixth NBA season. This is the reason for his declined rating.

However, in Smart’s last game against the Phoenix Suns, he did finish with 37 points after only averaging 12.5 for the season. Could it be possible that getting a nerfed 2K rating motivated him? Smart’s overall is currently an 80.

Draymond Green: -2

The last time we went over these ratings, Green’s overall had dropped by 4 points. Now, we can take another two away from that to make his overall drop by 6 from the original rating at the beginning of the season. His current overall is now an 80.

Green is useless without his All-Star guards around him. It’s also difficult for him to be the only current returning starter for the Golden State Warriors. We can look for Draymond’s rating to return to normal next year when he’s able to play with the Splash Brothers.

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