Top 25 European Basketball Players Of All-Time

The NBA has been a home for many great European players, so we decided to make a list ranking the top 25 European players of all-time.

25. Jonas Valanciunas

Valanciunas hails from Utena, Lithuania. He plays the Center position and his current team is the Memphis Grizzlies.

Valanciunas has been a dominant force in the post for the Grizzlies, with his season averages currently 15.2 points and 9.8 rebounds per game.

24. Lauri Markkanen

Markkanen is one of the youngest candidates on the list at 22. He hails from Vantaa, Finland. His current team is the Chicago Bulls.

Markkanen has become one of the Bulls’ best players and a lethal shooter. Markkanen plays the Power Forward position, and his current averages with the Bulls this season are 15 points and 6.6 rebounds per game while shooting 42.4 percent.

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