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Top 20 Best Shooting Guards in NBA History

Jordan… Iverson… Kobe… Wade.

Shooting guards have been some of the most entertaining players in the history of basketball, featuring everyones’ favorite combination of smooth jumpers and athletic finishes.

The NBA has had plenty of great players play the shooting guard position over the years, but there are a few guys that have stood out and made a lasting impact on the game.

Whether you’re a shooting purist who fondly remembers Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, or you’re a dunk enthusiast who misses J-Rich and Clyde Drexler, there’s no question that the shooting guard position is one of the most fun positions in the game of basketball. It was HARD keeping the list at just 20.

Without any further ado, here are the best 2-guards that we have ever seen play in the NBA. 

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