The Charity Stripe Podcast: Next-Gen Sports Talk

I sat down with Josh Fisher, Alexander “Tass” Tassopoulos, and Nick “Nicky Snax” Kreider, the cohosts of The Charity Stripe Podcast. We discussed the trio’s journey from the University of Texas, moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting careers, and starting a podcast. Lastly, I asked them the most debated question in sports talk, “Who is the NBA GOAT?”. With a wide variety of sports topics, entertainers, and athletes, the podcast offers something for everyone. Furthermore, the three have built amazing chemistry that represents the next generation of sports talk shows.

The Charity Stripe Podcast Co-Hosts

Josh Fisher

Josh truly represents the “New School” in sports analysis. Simply put, the dude is a ‘numbers junkie.’ His analytical approach, along with having an astounding memory, provides a unique sports perspective. For example, he can go back fifteen years and recall each NFL first-round draft pick. Josh is a diehard Boston sports fan, but he can objectively assess any sports landscape by crunching the data. He prides himself on his preparation, allowing him to tackle any sports debate.

Alexander “Tass” Tassopoulos

Tass is the NBA expert of the three. The former high school multi-sport athlete holds high regard for Dirk Nowitzki and the 2011 Dallas Mavs championship. According to The Charity Strip Podcast bio, “he will argue for hours about the team and why Dirk is the greatest, AND most loyal, player to ever walk the Earth.” His love for that team runs so deep, one of his most cherished moments is having Corey Brewer as a guest. He also stated that his goal is to have every member of the 2011 Mavs team on the podcast.

Nick “Nicky Snax” Kreider

Nick, a three-sport athlete in high school, walked on at The University of Texas in 2014, playing football under Charlie Strong. An astonishing feat under any situation, but doing so at a Power 5 conference is that much more impressive. Nick brings first-hand knowledge of the game along with energy to each broadcast. He is also known for cracking into a quick impression. According to the crew, his Doc Rivers may be his best one.

The Evolution Of The Charity Stripe Podcast

One may wonder how three guys from different parts of the country end up working in sports talk together? According to Josh,

Our journey started at the University of Texas, where we all attended college. All of us had a desire to move to Los Angeles after college to pursue acting careers. Having that common goal allowed the friendships between the three of us to evolve rapidly. Now we are pretty much inseparable.

Josh then went on to explain the inception of The Charity Stripe Podcast.

I just started it one day out of my bedroom. After a couple of episodes, I asked Tass and Nick to come on sometime in the latter part of 2017. The chemistry with the other two was instantaneous and we never looked back. We all loved creating content and are still involved in acting, but this has grown exponentially since the first few episodes.

With all that goes on in life and the country, getting on the mic is a release. For fifty minutes to an hour, we have fun, make each other laugh, and we come prepared to always lay down our best work. We constantly are trying to improve each time we produce a show.

The current count of episodes, or as they like to call ‘SODES,’ stands at 329. Quite a monumental achievement for the three and has opened up more and more opportunities. So, how did the name “The Charity Stripe” come to be?

We would like to have a cool story about how the name: “The Charity Stripe” came together, but honestly, it was between that and some other name I can’t recall, and we chose The Charity Stripe. Although, we believe in taking advantage of your free throws, the opportunities as they come, and staying prepared for when they do.

Discussing The Show’s “We Made It” Moment

I asked the crew when was the “we made it” moment; the response was very profound. According to Tass,

When we interviewed Corey Brewer. He was part of the Dallas Mavericks 2011 team that won the NBA Championship. One of my personal goals would be to interview every member of that team.

Realistically, it was after we recorded our episode with Matthew McConaughey. When we first started the podcast, we each made a list of our top 50 guests we wanted to interview. He was in the Top 5 on all 3 of our lists. He’s obviously a legendary Longhorn alum and an incredible actor so we all look up to him. That day was really special for us. But, we are still striving to push the needle forward and not let that be the pinnacle. The hunger is still there to expand this show and keep sharing our guest’s profound stories and experiences. We could have hung it up after 100 or 200 episodes, and been proud of our content. We each have the drive to see how big we can go and there are a lot more names on our list.

You can look through The Charity Stripe’s vast playlist and see that they have interviewed various celebrities in sports and entertainment. It certainly provides uniqueness in the sports talk landscape. One ‘SODE’ may have sports personalities and athletes like Adam Rank, Victor Cruz, or legendary announcer Bruce Buffer. Conversely, you may come across retired adult film star Lisa Ann, actor Greg Kelley, or the coolest of all, a Mother’s Day episode with their moms. Honestly, I was impressed at just how down-to-earth and genuine these guys are. They exude that style with their interviews. They are not in awe of the moment or person and ask great questions. Though Josh did admit, he cried after the Matthew McConaughey interview.

LeBron VS MJ GOAT Debate

It’s probably the most debated question in sports to date. Who is the NBA’s GOAT? So definitely, I had to get their take on the question.

Nick led off with Jordan. Although, he has admittedly stated he has gone back and forth. Currently, he sides with Jordan, and ESPN’s The Last Dance persuaded his decision. Nick went on to further describe his rationale,

Well, it’s a difficult question because they are both so dominant in different ways. Michael stood out because of his killer instinct that we want our favorite athletes to possess in any sport. It’s not to take anything away from LeBron, but I have to go with MJ.

Josh’s answer was LeBron. Given that he is more analytics-driven, I could understand why. LeBron provides the longevity and body of work that displays why he could win MVP every year. He basically equals a spot in the finals just by having him on the team. His team win shares are higher than MJ. With the numbers he is on pace to accumulate, he may end up with NBA records that could stand forever.

Tass didn’t take time to think about it at all. He immediately sided with MJ. To him, it is quite simple, six out of six title appearances, victories, and MVPs. Although he didn’t state it, I think Michael playing out most of his career with the Bulls plays a part in Tass’s decision. From my limited interaction, it seems like Tass prioritizes player loyalty to an organization. He prefers teams to win a championship somewhat organically rather than create super teams.

Where To Find The Charity Stripe Podcast

One of the most important things to The Charity Stripe team is fan interaction. According to Nicky Snax,

We love the engagement we have with fans and listeners. We are constantly on social media platforms and available to our followers. Whether it’s putting up a poll or discussing topics in our DMs, we really love those types of interactions. Social media is another way we can show appreciation to sports fans.

I would encourage you to check these guys out. You can get a dose of their podcast ‘SODES’ on the Hollywood-based BLEAV website. Also, you can listen on Itunes, Spotify, and Stitcher. Follow and interact with them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and visit their website. Also, be on the lookout for them to host a radio show and other projects in the works.

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