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The Story Behind LeRaffe James & Who’s Next



LeRaffe James is the animated giraffe recreated from pictures of LeBron James that you probably already saw on ESPN, Bleacher Report, or simply scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Maso’s Instagram account @leraffejames has caught fire, exploding from 1,500 followers on October 8th to 153,000 followers and climbing just 3 days later.

While LeRaffe James has become a household name for basketball fans in just days, it took Maso Rich some time before his art became recognized.

And now, he has big plans.

“My brother and I always wanted to have an art studio where we could be creative and hang out. We tried many years ago and it didn’t happen for us. I just ended up in a line of field that allows me some extra time to work on some side projects. He’s working as a CPA in Dallas now. We’re both still dreaming big.”

Now the world is intrigued with Maso’s caricatures and are anticipating each new design and character.
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