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Shaquille O’Neal Will Cover Funeral Expenses For Louisville Recruit



After a Lousiville football signee, Dexter Rentz, died in an Orlando shooting, Shaq immediately reached out to the family to help.

Shaq, who lives in Orlando, spoke with Rentz’s parents and offered to cover all of the funeral expenses, including a horse and carriage, and a custom-made casket. O’Neal said he will help the family by honoring all wishes of the mother. In Shaq’s words, “Whatever his mom wants.”

Rentz was shot and killed late Saturday evening at the age of 18 years old. O’Neal first saw a news report about Rentz on Sunday and wanted to learn more, so he started watching his football highlights from Ocoee High School, where he was an elite athlete on the football field and a notary runner on the track team. Rentz signed to Lousiville in December.

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