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NFL Players Busted Doing Weird Things During a Game



  1. Mark Sanchez trying to secretly eat a hot dog

Recently retired NFL quarterback, Mark Sanchez got the New York Jets to the AFC Championship game in both of his first two seasons. However, he was not liked by many Jets fans. A teammate said Sanchez knew he would not lose the starting QB job for the team and therefore didn’t give 100% in practice. During the fourth quarter of a 2009 game against the Oakland Raiders, Sanchez was busted hiding and eating a hot dog on the sidelines. Afterwards, he apologized and said he hadn’t eaten much leading up to the game.

2. Mark Sanchez offering chicken tenders to Nick Foles

Sanchez didn’t learn his lesson after eating a hot dog during a game in 2009. In 2014, he was caught eating, again. This time, Sanchez was enjoying some chicken tenders. With a mouth full of them, he went over to Foles and said, “You should try the chicken tenders. They’re good.”

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