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Gilbert Arenas Won $300,000 In California’s Lottery After Meeting A Homeless Man



Gilbert Arenas later admitted on Instagram that the store was much closer than he said to the man, being only a couple of minutes away in nearby Calabassas.

Sympathizing with the homeless man, Gilbert had a change of heart and decided to give him $5. But, the homeless man suddenly refused to take any money from Arenas. Gilbert pleaded and told him he would use the other $5 for gas so there was nothing to worry about. However, the man still refused and insisted that $5 in the tank wouldn’t be enough to get to the store.

Then, according to Arenas, the homeless man said:

“KEEP the $10 and after u WIN hook me up with $20!”

Gilbert Arenas said the man was 100% sure that he was on his way to buying a winning ticket. So, Gilbert agreed to the arrangement and left the gas station.

Gilbert Arenas explains how a homeless man helped him win $300,000 ...

Unfortunately, Gilbert Arenas was unable to make it to his beloved store for lotto tickets before they closed. However, Arenas woke up to a very unexpected surprise the next morning.

He received two text messages alerting and congratulating him on winning the lottery. Naturally, Gilbert immediately thought those texts were a scam.

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