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Dennis Rodman says Jordan, Pippen, and himself could lock up LeBron



Rodman was hooked up to a lie detector and asked a series of questions. When he lied, the light turned red and if he told the truth it stayed off.

During the video, he was asked, “Can you lock up LeBron” to which Rodman responded, “You know who can lock up LeBron? Me, Michael, and Scottie could.” He continued, “LeBron is so easy to play. He’s so f—ing easy to play. He don’t have any moves.”

Rodman believes the three of them would have no problems guarding LeBron and that he has a simple game.


“Scottie Pippen could shut his a— down quick before I get to him.” Rodman then added, “His game is too simple. He’s just big. 260 whatever 6’8, 6’9… That’s the only thing he got pretty much. “

He was then asked if he thinks they could lock up Kevin Durant too. He explained it would be the same and that “once you get to know people’s game it’s very easy to play them.”

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