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Musician-Humanitarian Filip Filipi is Collaborating With Nike to Build 1 of 1 Eco Basketball Court



The court will also feature solar-powered wifi benches gifted by Serbian energy company Strawberry Energy which allows people to charge their devices as well. In addition, eco-friendly plants will be placed around the perimeter.

As far as the design of the court goes, the creatives involved are first class. The court design will be a representation of social change and self-expression with a 90’s flair by featuring a traditional tube style television screen projection at center court. Coming out of the screen will be the classic 90’s computer digital elements and patterns, later spreading into a vibrant purple colorway for the majority of the court.

Filip Filipi - City/Zoran Djakovic Basketball Court Video - YouTube

The inspiration behind the 90’s theme design for the Serbian designers was to express how they relate to America’s current state of social distress, going through a cultural shift of their own during that time period. Everyone involved in this project has the common goal of creating this court to be a symbol that unifies our country and inspires the poverty-stricken communities in Akron and its kids to dare to dream big. Also, this spot is about to become a hub for content creators, hoopers, and people who just want to get a glimpse at some sick artwork.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this entire philanthropy project is that there is no corporate funding. This mission is relying on personal donations to keep the ball rolling. However, Filip Filipi also has an ace in the hole to generate funds for his masterpiece.

After taking a 9-year hiatus from the music industry, Filip’s rap career has had a recent rebirth after dropping a new album called Nine Roses which is hosted by Gucci Mane. And to be completely honest, it’s pure heat.

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