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LeBron James Opens Up About His Teammates Asking Him To Guard NBA Stars



“I want to just do whatever it takes for our team to win, and if my teammates need me to take the challenge defensively, offensively, whatever. I’ll take it. My teammates asked me to do it this weekend, and the rest is history.”

“I prepare myself. Both my body, my mind, and to endure anything even at this stage in my career. I know what it takes for me to be prepared mentally and physically to go out and perform at a high level. It’s my responsibility to put this team in a position to be successful. They look at me as a leader, and it’s my job to not only on the floor to get guys opportunities, get them great looks, but inspire them as well and show them I’m not slowing down even at this stage in my career.

It’s just a blessing. It’s a blessing to be doing what I am doing at this juncture of my career.”

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