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Gilbert Arenas Claims He Lived On $400 A Month During His Rookie Season



Former NBA star and current BIG3 player Gilbert Arenas sat down with Bleacher Report for an interview in which he opened up about his NBA career.

Drafted in the second round of the 2001 draft by the Warriors, Arenas claims that his contract was around $330,000 for two years, which made him live on a budget of $400 a month.

Via Leo Sepkowitz of Bleacher Report:

“When I went 31,” Arenas says, “I got so mad that I threw the chain I bought out the window; gone.” Arenas’ second-round salary was something like $330,000, which was basically spent by the time he showed up at Golden State. Over his first two years in the league, Arenas’ budget was $400 per month.

“Imagine trying to be an NBA player for $400 per month,” he says. He rented a small house and took as much food as possible from the team plane. “Try going on a date in the middle of the month with $100 left. I got gas, I had two dogs and a girlfriend at the time. There was no date night! It was horrible.”

Arenas, of course, was able to move on from that as he eventually inked two large contracts with the Wizards before falling out of the NBA.

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