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Allen Iverson Shares A Story On How Cool Michael Jordan Is



Maybe it’s that infamous play, or maybe the infamous “We talking about practice” speech, but the crossover against Jordan is one of the things people bring up when talking to Allen Iverson today.

This is what Iverson himself said when he was once asked about the infamous moment in history:

“Still, today, little kids, five and six years old, come up to me and they don’t say, ‘Are you Allen Iverson?’

They say, ‘You’re the guy who crossed up Michael Jordan, aren’t you?’

It was a special moment in my career because that was my idol …

That night, we were just in a war.

When you’re in a war, as much as you love the person you’re playing against, my Philly teammates and Philly fans, I was on their side.”

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