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30 Jumbotron Appearances in 30 Days: A Playmaker Exclusive



“For me, it’s seeing the energy of each stadium and atmosphere each team has. For example, in Miami, everyone is dressing up from suits to nightlife attire. Everyone is fashionable, everyone is vibrant.

Orlando was totally different. The energy is centered around the magic mascot. It’s more of a family atmosphere in Orlando, Disney is a huge part of the culture. There are games and attractions at the stadium for kids.

Seeing two different teams, different stadiums, and very different cultures, only a few hours away from each other within the same state has been inspiring and amazing.”

When we first interviewed David, he had appeared on the jumbotron 13 times at 13 games in 13 days. Proving that he has the formula to get on the jumbotron, seemingly at will. How does he do it?

His method is simple:

“Sit in the corner, wear costumes (a new one each game), wave to the cameras that are closest, get there early.”

David then began to illustrate how the 30 for 30 for 30 journey has made a profound impact on his life in such a short amount of time.

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