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15 Things You Don’t Know About LeBron James



LeBron has been under the spotlight since high school.

Journalists dubbed him as the next Michael Jordan before even entering the 2003 draft. Basketball fans have the experience of watching LeBron become a man, watching King James emerge as an all-time great athlete and, now, a community leader. However, despite LeBron’s every move receiving national attention, there are facts about LeBron most people are unaware of.

It’s hard to believe that, while LeBron’s dinner plans could make headlines, fascinating information about his career remains under the radar.


Some of these facts will be shocking. LeBron possesses unique skills and talents most of us never knew. Also, many will be surprised to hear about the various circumstances LeBron dealt with as a result of his single mother struggling with financial hardship.

Even though LeBron has been under a microscope since he was a kid, these 15 things you don’t know about LeBron James have never reached the main stream.

Allow us to unveil the unknown, starting with a high school scandal LeBron faced his senior year.

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