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Musician-Humanitarian Filip Filipi is Collaborating With Nike to Build 1 of 1 Eco Basketball Court

Filip Filipi is leading the charge to build the most interesting basketball court in the world.

The British Columbia based rapper is creating an elaborate solar-powered all-green basketball court in Akron, Ohio that is being dedicated to his late manager Zoran Djakovic, better known as Kiza.

Filip and his sisters Fedra and Filipa founded international humanitarian organizations 28 Jun and Maison Filipi that have been consulting the United Nations over the last 9 years to improve humanitarian affairs worldwide.

Now, the Nike renewable energy team is collaborating with 28 Jun & Maison Filipi and will be contributing cutting-edge innovative ecotechnology and the recycled materials to build the basketball court surface. Nike will use state-of-the-art machinery to break down and compress old goods, including used Nike shoes that will be used to construct the court.

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