Playmaker’s Web Content: All About the Comebacks And Come-Ups

I sat down with Playmaker’s Head of Branded Content, James Caricato, to discuss the next wave of Playmaker-produced web content series. Newly created web content set to focus on the come-ups and comebacks of athletes.

Caricato, who has been with the company since its rebranding in 2018, is excited about what the company has brewing. The team at Playmaker has certainly been busy. They currently represent and or manage over 25 athletes across all sports. Additionally, the company offers merchandise and has millions of followers across the four major social media platforms. Moreover, the brand’s newest venture is already generating major buzz.

Either already available or in production are six new series bringing fans,

“A front-row seat to the lives and grind of athletes and YouTube personalities,” says Caricato.

While some of the content focuses on high-profile athletes, other series highlight athletes’ resurgence or rebranding. All of which are on Snapchat’s Discovery format. Caricato has described the mission of the company with the series as being,

“All about the comebacks and come-ups of these athletes, as not all are at the top of their career. Of course, a guy like Tyreek is a generational type athlete and provides instant credibility. At Playmaker, we strive to highlight people who are at various stages in their journey.”

“Take someone like Nate Robinson. The former college football player, dunk contest champion, and NBA fan favorite decided to try boxing. We at Playmaker thought that fans would love to see his transformation story.”

Former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Playmaker’s Current Web Series

Caricato and I discussed the shows, and he provided some numbers. Also, a recent article on focuses on the brand’s meteoric rise. One of the company’s first produced titles was titled Do It Again. It featured NBA veteran Michael Beasley’s comeback to the sport. Also, there is Miles Sanders’ feature titled Run Boobie Run.

The two other current offerings on Snapchat’s Discovery forum are:

Nate Robinson’s Road To The Fight series documented the former NBA player’s boxing training over six episodes before the Jake Paul fight. Caricato revealed it generated over 4 million unique viewers.

Along with that, Tyreek Hill’s Fastest Man in Football series has compiled almost 4 million unique views. Further displaying that Playmaker has found its fit in the vast assortment of sports and entertainment media. In total, the current content has generated over 10 million views since last October.

What’s Next For Playmaker’s Web Content?

According to Caricato, the brand is running back the Do It Again series. This time it will feature another former NBA vet, Larry Sanders. Much like the Beasley production, the show will bring fans up close and personal with Sanders’ comeback campaign.

The next Do It Again series will feature Larry Sanders.

Caricato talked very fondly of Sanders, expressing how his journey goes beyond sports. He further explained,

“These stories provide examples that can serve as life lessons. Sanders walked away during his prime for personal reasons. He decided to be an entrepreneur to continue building generational wealth for himself and his family. Anyone in any walk of life can relate to these types of decisions.”

Another new series will feature the former UCF kicker turned YouTuber, Donald De La Haye, who goes by Deestroying. After his ridiculous ruling by the NCAA to forfeit his amateur status, he became a major player on social media and YouTube. His hundreds of videos have garnered almost 500 million views. The new production, The Life Of Deestroying, will follow Deestroying’s life and attempt to achieve his ultimate goal, kick in the NFL.

Deestroying has built a YouTube empire.

Also currently in production is a Path To The Draft web series. The show will feature 2021 NFL draft prospects such as D’Wayne Eskridge, Demetric Felton, Elijah Molden, Levi Onwuzunke, and other prospects, all projected to go within the first 3 rounds of the draft.

Playmaker Is Just Begining

The best part about this news is that Playmaker is committed to this shift. They have gone all-in on providing these series on Snapchat and eventually bringing the content to YouTube. As Caricato points out,

“The different platforms allow for growth and feed off of each other. Each can drive traffic to the other. The athletes and entertainers we have brought on provide us with credibility. And the stories we share set us apart from other media outlets.”

So how is Playmaker able to handle all these ventures? Caricato acknowledged that the growth of the productions and company isn’t possible without a great team. He points out that teamwork spurred new creativity and is allowing adaptivity through shifts in sports media. Much of the credit he gave to Director of Content Preston Adelman and Creative Director Dame Powell.

Be on the lookout for the current and upcoming web series on Snapchat Discovery. Along with that, you can learn more about and follow the Playmaker brands on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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