Playmaker’s Top Holiday Gifts for Hoopers

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. But not all practice is created equal. Introducing the Dr. Dish Home, the basketball shooting machine that can revolutionize how you train on the court. The days of chasing down your own rebounds is a thing of the past with Dr. Dish, making it the perfect gift to get any baller this holiday season.

Imagine being able to get up 1,000 shots per hour!

That is simply impossible to do when you are shooting by yourself. Unless of course you have Dr. Dish Home installed on your hoop, giving you a rebounder and shot trainer all in one package.

Dr. Dish Home helps ballers develop muscle memory, as quality shots taken in succession trains the muscles to remember using correct form so that it all becomes second-nature by the time you hit the court for your next game. Dr. Dish’s patented design forces an improved shot arc, correcting your form with every practice.

The best part is that Dr. Dish Home is compact with a lightweight design, which makes storage simple and set up easy. You can take down and set up your Dr. Dish Home within minutes.

While it’s great to no longer have to chase down rebounds, what really separates Dr. Dish is all of the different training elements it can bring to your driveway. Choose from over 150 workouts and drills, where you can save and track your stats and watch your progression unfold over time. Dr. Dish Home is officially endorsed by AAU and has financing available with Affirm for as low as $118/month.

If the Dr. Dish Home is not right for you, Dr. Dish’s iC3 Shot Trainer may be more what you are looking for to improve your shot and take your training to the next level.

Just like the Dr. Dish Home, the iC3 Shot Trainer forces players to correct their form and improve their shot as the patented design is sure to improve your shot arc and in turn, your shooting percentage. You will develop muscle memory which is sure to translate to getting plenty of buckets in your next game.

The iC3 Shot Trainer is also easy to set up and take down. At only 35 pounds, it is the lightest rebounder on the market. This makes it perfect to take wherever you go, as the iC3 shot trainer collapses to 5’x2′.

If you or someone you love is looking to improve their game before next season, Dr. Dish needs to be on the top of this year’s holiday shopping list.

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