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Phillies Co-Owner says team lost millions in revenue and not in a position to sign star player JT Realmuto. What is next for the Phillies?

The Phillies finally broke their 28 year World Series drought in 2008 after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays. Since then the Phillies slowly declined. They made the World Series again the following year but were beat by the Yankees. The next year they lost to Giants in the NLCS, followed by a devastating loss to the Cardinals in the NLDS. Since that playoff loss to the Cardinals in 2012, the Phillies have yet to appear in a wild card game nor a playoff game. 8 years later, the team finally has a franchise player Bryce Harper and a star catcher JT Realmuto. However, the Phillies are still struggling to get over the hump. Inconsistent hitting and pitching blew a chance for the Phillies to win the NL East this season. Their Co-Owner John Middleton has reportedly gave out some bad new to team excutives.

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