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Nintendo Mario Kart Tour Release Date For iOS And Android Announced

It’s now more than 18 months since Nintendo announced that it would be bringing Mario Kart Tourto iPhone and Android. But we now finally have a release date, and we can expect Mario Kart Tour to land next month.

The announcement came via a Tweet from Nintendo saying that September 25th is the big day.

While that’s super exciting we do wonder what happened to that original March launch window. Six months is a long time and we’d love to know what the delay was. Unfortunately, we doubt we’ll ever really know for sure.

If you’re an Android user you can pre-register for Mario Kart Tour on the Google Play Store right now, with iOS users able to do the same thing via the App Store. The download is free no matter which platform you frequent.

That’s about all we know about the latest Mario Kart Tour game. Little new information has been made available, although we already know that the game will require in-app purchases in order to progress. That’s a similar model to other Nintendo mobile games.

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Blockbuster

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