NBA Playoff Preview: The Utah Jazz

Are the Jazz a Real Title Contender?

The Utah Jazz have been the best team in the NBA this season. From day one, Quinn Snyder’s squad has been completely locked in. Their consistency and great team chemistry has propelled the Jazz to the top seed in the West and the best overall record in the league: 43-15. 

With that being said, most NBA insiders and fans don’t think of the Jazz as a real title contender. In fact, many fans believe that Utah might not even get past the second round of the playoffs.

With how strong the Western conference is, the Jazz might not even make it out the first round. I mean, have you seen what Steph Curry’s been doing for the Warriors. You can’t tell me that Steph wouldn’t give the Jazz trouble in a first round matchup.

So why is that? Why do fans and NBA experts have no faith in the team with the best record in the league?

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