Matthew Stafford heading to Los Angeles in Blockbuster NFL Trade

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Even though the Lions lost their franchise Quarterback, everyone can agree that it was about time Detroit dealt Stafford.

Through his 12 years with the Lions, Detroit made the playoffs once, and that’s not Stafford’s fault. The Lions have a history of ruining careers, see Barry Saunders and Calvin Johnson as examples Some things never change. The Lions still stink.

With that being said, Detroit can now begin a re-build, and what better way to start one than with more draft picks.

From the Lions point of view, they dealt away an aging quarterback with two years left on his deal for two first round picks, a third rounder pick, and a young quarterback who has shown promise in the past. That’s a pretty good haul. Actually, that’s more than a pretty good haul knowing that the Lions weren’t going anywhere with Stafford.

The draft picks are obviously great for Detroit, but Goff is the interesting part of this deal.

If the Lions decide to that Goff isn’t their guy and take a Quarterback in this upcoming draft or next year’s draft, then Goff can prove to be a solid placeholder quarterback. That’s the most likely scenario, especially when factoring in that after the 2022 season, Detroit can release Goff and save $23.9 million in Cap space, according to Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report.

None of this will probably matter because it’s the Detroit Lions we’re talking about here. They seem to exist solely for hosting a Thanksgiving game, and being awful with the occasional good season.

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