Lower Merion Recovered Kobe Bryant’s Stolen Jersey

It was during Super Bowl LI in 2017 when someone broke into Kobe’s old high school and stole some Kobe Bryant memorabilia.

In many of the goods that were stolen, a couple of them included a valuable state championship trophy, along with a Kobe Bryant jersey.

The jersey eventually made its way to a Chinese collector and Kobe Bryant fan, Liu Zhe. Zhe was not the perpetrator that stole Bryant’s jersey as he paid nearly $2,000 for the jersey. Once the jersey finally arrived at his house, it was then Zhe realized the jersey might be stolen from Lower Merion High School.

Zhe’s first idea was to hand over the jersey personally to Kobe in Shenzhen when Bryant was part of the 2019 FIBA World Cup draw. However, he settled on just sending it back to Lower Merion and did not ask to receive any compensation for the jersey.


It was in Lower Merion’s first game since Bryant’s death that his cousin unveiled his lost high school jersey.

Fortunately, the jersey is back where it belongs, and Lower Merion ended up winning that game in overtime.

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