LeBron James and Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza and LeBron’s Partnership Current Day

In summary, Lebron James’ initial $1 million investment values at an estimated $45 million today. He is also an avid spokesperson for the chain sending out social media posts to millions of followers. LeBron brought more than just a celebrity endorsement to the table. The pizza brand aligns more with his healthier lifestyle than McDonald’s menu offerings. Furthermore, his passion for the chain’s success has been relayed by his partners at Blaze.

Also, Blaze has become a popular selection in US homes. It was recently ranked in the top 9 of the best fast-food pizza chains across the US by Business Insider. Along with that, Blaze ranks 10th out of 35 pizza restaurants in a survey conducted by The Daily Meal.

Despite the pandemic, it seems as if Blaze has a versatile business model that should withstand the challenge. There are even hopes that the company will be publicly traded and expand internationally. No matter what the future holds, LeBron and Blaze seem bound for continued success.

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