Kendrick Perkins Apologizes To Kevin Durant Following Kobe’s Death

The beef first started by Perkins calling Russell Westbrook the best player to ever put on an Oklahoma City Thunder jersey after Westbrook made his return to Oklahoma City for the first time this season.

Obviously, something is not adding up. The best player to ever play for the Oklahoma City Thunder is undoubtedly Kevin Durant. Although that was not Perkins’ point, things escalated and got out of control. Perkins proceeded to call Durant’s move to join the Golden State Warriors the weakest move in NBA history.

However, since the death of the iconic legend, Kobe Bryant, Perkins has reached out to his former teammate to issue an apology for the interaction. Tragedies like this make us reflect on life, and how it can all be over in the blink of an eye. It makes us realize the most important thing in life is the people we have around us.

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