Kaepernick’s Lawyer Thinks he Will be Signed Soon

On Saturday, Colin held a workout for 26 teams to watch him play and hopefully get a second shot. While there are mixed reviews about how the workout went, his lawyer believes he will be signed very soon.

Kaepernick’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, made an appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show” on Tuesday. He discussed the outcome of the workout and stated his belief that Colin will be signed “within the next 10 days.”

Geragos claims “There are two teams that I think are in the hunt.” He went on to say one of the teams really needs a quarterback after their starter had a bad game on Sunday. As for the other team, Geragos believes the owner doesn’t “give a s–t.” While Geragos did not name either team, some believe they could be the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Carolina Panthers.

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