Is Lamar Jackson the League’s Most Valuable Player?

Lamar Jackson is having a phenomenal second season in the NFL. The 32nd overall pick in the 2018 draft has taken the NFL by storm, and has his Ravens sitting at 9-2, good for second in the AFC and first in the AFC North. He has beaten Deshaun Watson, Russel Wilson and Tom Brady with both his legs and his arm. He is the favorite for MVP and it doesn’t look like anyone can stop him or the Ravens. He is taking over the NFL, forcing defenses to scheme against him as a passer and as a runner, and he still beats whatever is thrown his way. Is he the best QB in the NFL this season, and the best player?

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Lamar got off to a hot start, throwing 5 TDs against Miami and posting a perfect passer rating. However, many people were still skeptical of the young QBs throwing talent as it was “just Miami”. It wasn’t impressive enough to prove the doubters wrong. Then, he struggled at home against the Browns, as he threw two picks in the Ravens second straight loss, after losing at Kansas City the week prior. He struggled again against the Steelers, tossing three picks in a sloppy 26-23 win in overtime. After that, Lamar got hot. He hasn’t thrown an interception since the Steelers game, and the Ravens have rattled off seven straight wins. In their last four games, Lamar has completed 76% of his passes, has 16 total touchdowns and 1,080 total yards. He has dismantled the Rams and the Texans and handed the Patriots their only loss of the season. 

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Coming out of college, many scouts wanted him to switch to wide receiver in the NFL. Lamar wasn’t having it. He didn’t run the 40-yard dash at the combine or at Louisville’s pro day, because he didn’t want to hear anything about switching positions. Boy oh boy, has it paid off, for Lamar and for the Ravens. The Ravens drafted the MVP favorite with the 32nd pick, and he is breaking records left and right. He is on pace to break Micheal Vick’s QB rushing record by more than 200 yards. He leads the NFL with 30 offensive touchdowns, and is the youngest QB in NFL history to have multiple games with 5+ passing touchdowns and two games with a perfect passer rating in a single season. Like Lamar says, not bad for a running back, right?

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Lamar isn’t just winning on the field, either. He has solidified himself as the leader of the Ravens locker room. He has the trust of his running back, Mark Ingram, who will tell anyone and everyone that Lamar should be MVP. He has the trust of his head coach, who told Lamar that he is changing the game after his internet-breaking 49-yard TD run against the Bengals. Lamar’s response? “Right now I gotta get to the Super Bowl.” Lamar isn’t waiting. Lamar isn’t developing. He’s taking over, and he’s coming for a ring. 

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