Is it Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes that will be bringing home this years NFL MVP award

Aaron Rodgers finished 1st on ESPN’s QBR scale with an 84.3 QBR. Rodgers finished the year with 48TDs 5 INTs and 4,299 yards in 16 games. In 6 games this year Rodgers threw for 4 TDs. Despite not having a single game over 400 yards passing this season, Rodgers played excellent when leading and completed 70% of his passes for the year.

Patrick Mahomes finished 2nd on ESPN’s QBR scale with an 82.9 QBR. Mahomes finished the year with 38 TDs 6 INTs and 4,740 yards passing in 15 games. Mahomes sat out the last game of the season to avoid injury for the playoffs. He had 2 games where he threw 4 TDs and one game with 5. He finished the season with a 66% completion percentage.

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