Is it Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes that will be bringing home this years NFL MVP award

Many have thought that Aaron Rodgers was on the decline despite a 13-3 record in the 2019 season. He posted a 52.5 ESPN Quarterback rating in that season which ranked him 20th out of 30 other quarterbacks. He was also blown out in the NFC Championship game by the 49ers. In the offseason, instead of finding Aaron Rodgers more offensive weapons, the Packers decided to draft quarterback Jordan Love with their 1st round pick. Of course, Rodgers was going to be their starter still but drafting his eventual replacement must have lit a fire under him because Aaron Rodgers had his best season ever finishing 1st in QBR. The Packers also finished the season 13-3. This has put him at the top of the list with others in the MVP conversation.

Patrick Mahomes entered this season coming of a big Super Bowl win and securing the Super Bowl MVP. The Chiefs finished this season with a 14-2 record and Mahomes finished right behind Rodgers in QBR coming in 2nd. Was it enough to steal this years NFL MVP from Rodgers? Lets break down the stats

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