Interesting Statistics From The 2020 NFL Season

Highest Scoring Season On Record

Many NFL fans recognize that the league is focused on scoring. A statistic that may interest those in betting circles is that the average points per team per game was 24.8. Meaning the total combined points per game was at 49.6. This eclipsed the previous mark of 47.2, set in 1948.

Five Teams Averaged over 30 points per game

Keeping with the theme of scoring, the NFL had five teams average over thirty points per game the past regular season. The most prior was three teams. The teams were Green Bay (31.8), Buffalo (31.3), Tampa Bay (30.8), Tennessee (30.7), and New Orleans (30.1). All these teams made the playoffs in 2020. And four of the five will be playing this weekend in the divisional round.

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