How To Pass Like Ben Simmons

Every playmaker knows how to set their teammates up for success.

Not many are better at dishing dimes than Ben Simmons. Many like to say Simmons has “eyes on the back of his head” and many believe his passing ability is some genetic gift.

Anyone can learn how to make plays through the art of passing. Ben Simmons has mastered this.

One pass that Ben Simmons uses frequently that’s easy to pick up is the cross-body one hand pass.

There are four ways Simmons likes to setup this pass:

  1. Drive & kick
  2. Drive & kick jump pass
  3. Post Pass
  4. Behind the head

Here, we will show you how Ben Simmons uses all four ways to set up this pass. Watch this video below to learn how to use the cross-body one hand pass like Ben Simmons:

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