How To Hit Fadeaways Like LEBRON JAMES (Video)

LeBron’s fadeaways are nothing short of iconic.

Although LeBron James’ size advantage typically makes this move even more effective for him, any aspiring dominant scorer should master their fadeaway.

LeBron’s most popular fadeaway is his “left shoulder half-spin fadeaway”.

There are two main ways he sets up this fadeaway. One, by pivoting with a dribble, two, pivoting without a dribble.

LeBron usually spins once before his half-spin leading to the fadeaway. He does this that way he makes that follow up half-spin more believable to the defender. Therefore, the defender is likely going to get baited into the half-spin and LeBron will have plenty of space to work with.

No one is better at creating space with the left shoulder fadeaway than LeBron James. Watch this video to learn how LeBron sets up and hits left shoulder fadeaways at ease.

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