How Allen Iverson Completely Blew Through $200 Million

$10,000 – clothes

$10,000 – restaurants

$10,000 – groceries & goods

$1,000 – dry cleaning

$126,000 – creditors and mortgages

This is puzzling for several reasons, but sparks the question, who was he spending all this money on?

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Allen Iverson prided himself on taking care of his crew. Sometimes, that meant being financially responsible for up to 50 people.

His entourage naturally grew as Allen Iverson’s popularity and wealth did. But despite Allen Iverson’s generosity, people in his crew sneakily took more than their fair share. Let’s explain…

Allen Iverson had a very odd approach to saving and storing his money. Because AI didn’t trust ANY banks, he felt it was wise to keep all his money (in cash) stored in multiple garbage bags that were spread out in various parts of his house.


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