How Allen Iverson Completely Blew Through $200 Million

Allen Iverson made over $200,000,000 during his NBA career, and now it’s all gone. How?

Over 60% of NBA players go broke after retirement, but Allen Iverson’s case is the most extreme. How could an NBA superstar, one of the best to play his position go from being a multi-millionaire to scrapping for change to buy a cheeseburger?

Allen Iverson’s financial management struggles extend far beyond “bad spending”. Frivolous spending doesn’t cut it when describing the way Allen Iverson managed his money.

There were many incidences in which Iverson demonstrated he had no clue how to manage a large sum of money, but there were a few habits he had that led to an inevitable bankruptcy.

To understand just how unbelievably bad Allen Iverson was with his money on a consistent basis, it’s necessary to know what his monthly expenses were.

Here’s what his BASIC monthly costs looked like (according to TMZ):

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