Highlights from NBA All Star Weekend

Team LeBron Dominance, Steph Curry’s the three point king, and another disappointing dunk contest

The 2021 National Basketball Association All-Star weekend was unlike any other in recent history. 

Instead of all the events happening over the course of a weekend, with the Rookie v. Sophomore game and the celebrity game being played on a Friday, followed by all the skills competition, from the three point contest to the dunk contest on Saturday night, and ending the weekend Sunday night with the All-Star Game, this year everything happened on one day, with exception to the Rookie v. Sophomore game and the celebrity game which were scrapped this year.

The festivities began in Atlanta with the Skills competition where six players competed in an obstacle course, focused around shooting, dribbling and passing. Two players faced off against each other where the fastest one to complete it advances to the next round, and the loser is eliminated until there are two players left.

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