Grandpa Makes Future Bet On His Grandson & Wins $167,500

Peter Edward’s knew soccer was in his blood.

In the country Wales, soccer (or football) is by far the #1 sport in the country. Peter Edward’s had big dreams for his young grandson, Harry Wilson, who he felt was destined to play soccer for his homeland one day.

Edward’s was so sure that his dream for his grandson was truly his destiny that he placed a €50 ($67) bet on his grandson Harry (who was only a toddler at the time) to play for the Wales national soccer team one day at 2,500-1 odds. At the William Hill betting shop.

Sure, it was quite a long shot, but Edwards had an intuition he just couldn’t ignore.

Now fast forward to 2013, Harry Wilson makes the Wales national soccer team at only 16 years old. On October 5th, 2013 Harry Wilson makes his debut in the 87th minute of the World Cup qualifier against Belgium, officially becoming the youngest soccer player to represent Wales.

Grandpa’s small risk turned into a €125,000 ($167,000) reward.

Peter Edward anticipated this moment for nearly a decade and a half. Just the day before Wales played Belgium in the qualifier, Edward’s told his manager that if his grandson plays that he’s not coming back to work.

Peter Edward was able to retire from the bet and was finally able to spend quality time with his wife after always being on the road working as an electrical contractor.

“He used to chase the ball around the front room on his hands and knees even before he could walk, that’s what gave me the idea. But I hoped the bet would come up.” – Peter Edward on his grandson Harry Wilson.

While most of us probably wouldn’t consider this to be a sign for a toddler to grow up to be an international soccer player, Peter Edwards saw the writing on the wall.


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