Gilbert Arenas Won $300,000 In California’s Lottery After Meeting A Homeless Man

Gilbert Arenas met a homeless man that made a bold but accurate prediction that the former NBA star was about to win the lottery.

Gilbert Arenas was on his way to his favorite local store for purchasing his lottery tickets when he realized he didn’t have enough gas in his tank to make it there. Plus, the store was about to close in 8 minutes.

He always goes to this particular local store to buy his lottery tickets because they allow him to manually enter his lucky numbers. Many convenience stores auto-generate the numbers for the ticket buyers.

Knowing he was short on time and low on gas, Arenas stopped at a Chevron gas station where he met a friendly homeless man. The encounter changed both of their lives…

The homeless man asked for any spare change, but Arenas told him he only had $10 on him which he needed to fill up his tank so he could drive 16 minutes away to his go-to convenience store to play lotto.

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