Esteban Loaiza Burned Through $44 Mil Right Before Getting Caught With 44 lbs of Cocaine

Shortly after Esteban Loaiza’s career ended, he married a Mexican-American pop artist named Jenni Rivera. A turning point in his life for the better. Unfortunately, Jenni tragically died in a plane crash in 2012. Esteban struggled after his loss and started blowing his money at a record pace.

According to Bleacher Report, his family kept “drawing, drawing, and drawing from him”, even during his darkest moments. Esteban really didn’t have many high income earning options after his retirement. Therefore, he had to be resourceful.

For someone who is desperate and quickly going broke due to absurd expenses but has a solid amount of cash on hand, selling cocaine is a tempting path.

Esteban Loaiza squandered $44 million before massive cocaine bust

It wasn’t until 10 years after Esteban Loaiza left the MLB that he was arrested and charged with possession of 44 lbs of cocaine. Some experts believe there was much more that had never been discovered.

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