Esteban Loaiza Burned Through $44 Mil Right Before Getting Caught With 44 lbs of Cocaine

“I think when we’re young, we all have a tendency to think it’s going to last forever… And when you have to move on to something else, I guess you’re vulnerable. It’s sad.”

“He was just a knucklehead guy with some decent stuff upon occasion… He wasn’t a bad guy. He was always helpful for what we needed to do. He was a little quirky, but you can say that with a lot of people.”

Vince Cotroneo

I went to Oakland and so did he in ’06. This was the Lamborghini-driving, Maserati-driving, DUI Loaiza that we got. The paint was starting to dry. You were starting to capture the full portrait of the guy. When he got to Oakland, it got stranger.”

Vince Cotroneo

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