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Mike Tyson Says He Smokes $40K Worth Of Weed Monthly



Nowadays, Mike Tyson has his own podcast show called Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, in which he interviews celebrities in a room full of weed smoke and blunt passing.

In his latest episode, Tyson interviewed Dipset rapper Jim Jones, who, weirdly enough, was the first guest to ever ask Tyson how much weed he smokes. “What do we smoke a month?” Tyson asks his co-host Eben Britton. “Is it $40,000 a month?”

“We smoke 10 tons of weed at the ranch a month,” Britton said, as Jim Jones’ already glossed eyes lit up in disbelief, and the rapper began spewing the longest “psssshhhhhhh” ever heard (3:30).


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