Dunk League Volume 3: World’s BEST Dunkers Play HORSE!

On last week’s episode of Dunk League, we got to see all the eliminated contestants return in search of redemption. It was “Dunker’s Choice” for the Redemption Round, with each dunker pulling out all the stops on their own original dunks to try to get back in the competition.

The top score moved on to this week’s semi-final round, joining Jonathan Clark and Jordan Kilganon, who had already punched their tickets to the semi’s.

Despite strong showings from Isaiah Rivera and Connor Barth, it was the 5-foot-11 Tyler Currie that soared past the rest of the competition to earn his place in the semi-final.

Now this week, we get to watch an old fashioned game of horse between the final three contestants, except it is all about the D.U.N.K. in this Dunk League classic.

Challenge No. 6: D.U.N.K.

The most grueling competition in Dunk League is back!

This week we get to see the final three contestants square off in the best game of H.O.R.S.E. (or in this case D.U.N.K) you will ever watch.

There is no judges, no scores, just dunks. Each round a new contestant will take over as the leader and do one of their signature dunks, If the other two cannot replicate that same dunk, they will get a letter. The first to get four letters that spells out DUNK will be eliminated.

The final two contestants will move on to the grand finale, where they will compete for a chance to win the final prize of $20,000 and the title of “King of Dunk”.

The last dunker standing in this week’s challenge wins a prize of $5,000 and will get the right to choose whether they go first or second in next week’s final.



  • CJ Champion AKA CGI: 6’0″, 26-year-old from Orlando, FL
  • Anthony Hamilton Jr: 6’2″, 22-year-old from Chicago, IL
  • Connor Barth: 6’4″, 28-year-old from Tampa, FL
  • Jordan Sutherland AKA The One Foot God: 6’3″, 27-year-old from Atlanta, GA
  • Dan Gross AKA High Point: 6’2″, 22-year-old from Highpoint, North Carolina.
  • Isaiah Rivera AKA The Puerto Rican Airbender: 6’2″, 23-year-old from Orlando, FL

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