Dunk League Volume 3: Week 2 ‘How High’

It’s time to break out your popcorn and look to the sky, because on this week’s episode of Dunk League they are testing out ‘How High’ the best dunkers in the world can jump.

For this week’s challenge, the contestants will begin dunking six inches above the normal regulation 10-foot hoop. Contestants will get three attempts to try to complete the dunk. If they are unable to flush it home in those three chances, they are eliminated.

Each round the rim will be raised two more inches until they find out who can soar higher than all the rest.

Last week, on the debut of season three of the Dunk League, nine of the world’s best dunker took on their first challenge to win $5,000. In “Down From Day One 90 Sec Freestyle”, each dunker created their own dunk mixtape to show the judges.

The ‘Puerto Rican Air Bender’, Isaiah Rivera ended up taking home the first week’s prize, narrowly edging out Jordan Kilganon and Jonathan Clark for first place. Each week, scores will accumulate for these dunkers, as they all look to be the last man standing and earn the grand prize of $20,000.

Here is how the leaderboard looked heading into Week 2 of the Dunk League:

Last week was the only non-elimination round of the tournament, but from this point on, whoever finds themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard will be sent packing each week.

Now that the pressure is really on, every dunk can make or break these dunkers in their path to become the next “King of Dunk”.



  • Jonathan Clark AKA Jumper: 6’3″, 32-year-old from Fresno, CA
  • Jordan Sutherland AKA The One Foot God: 6’3″, 27-year-old from Atlanta, GA
  • Jordan Kilganon AKA The Myth Killer: 6’1″, 29-year-old from Sudbury, Ontario
  • Isaiah Rivera AKA The Puerto Rican Airbender: 6’2″, 23-year-old from Orlando, FL

Jordan Sutherland won this exact competition in season two of the Dunk League. Will he repeat as the “How High” champ and take home another $5,000 or can someone else get up take his throne?

Check out the latest episode of Dunk League to find out!

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