Dunk League Volume 3: Week 1 Preview

I hope you are ready for high-flying acrobatics and rim-rattling slam dunks, because Dunk League is back!

The world’s most ambitious dunk competition is returning for a third season, as nine of the world’s best dunkers go head-to-head in a series of competitions to see who will be crowned the next ‘King of Dunk’.

J.C. “Mouthpiece” Thompson has once again returned as the commissioner and voice of Dunk League, and this year he is joined by the “First Lady of Dunk League” Rachel DeMita.

DeMita is a former All-American basketball player, who earned a full scholarship to play college ball at Old Dominion University. She is best known as the former host of NBA 2KTV.

Mouthpiece and DeMita are set to oversee this year’s competition, as these elite athletes square off in weekly battles in their search for winning the Golden Rim Trophy.

The dunkers will be competing for $5,000 each week, with the winner of each challenge taking home that prize. Scores will accumulate for each competition and whoever finds themselves on the bottom of the leaderboard will be sent packing.

Whoever is the last man standing will be in line to win the grand prize of $20,000, along with the trophy and title of Dunk League champion.

The first week of the competition is the only time that the dunkers will compete in a challenge without an elimination, although $5,000 is on the line.

The Week 1 challenge is “Down From Day One 90 Sec Freestyle”, where each dunker will create their own dunk mixtape to show the judges. Before you watch episode 1, here is the list of this year’s competitors in Dunk League:

The Rookies:

  1. Dan Gross AKA High Point: 6’2″, 22-year-old from Highpoint, North Carolina.
  2. Anthony Hamilton Jr: 6’2″, 22-year-old from Chicago, IL
  3. Connor Barth: 6’4″, 28-year-old from Tampa, FL
  4. CJ Champion AKA CGI: 6’0″, 26-year-old from Orlando, FL
  5. Tyler Currie: 5’11”. 22-year-old from Los Angeles, CA

The Dunk League Vets:

  1. Jonathan Clark AKA Jumper: 6’3″, 32-year-old from Fresno, CA
  2. Jordan Sutherland AKA The One Foot God: 6’3″, 27-year-old from Atlanta, GA
  3. Jordan Kilganon AKA The Myth Killer: 6’1″, 29-year-old from Sudbury, Ontario
  4. Isaiah Rivera AKA The Puerto Rican Airbender: 6’2″, 23-year-old from Orlando, FL

Tune into Whistle on YouTube every Monday for the next episode of Dunk League Vo. 3. Here is episode one:

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