Does LaMelo Ball’s season ending injury ruin his ROTY chances?

Wow has rookie PG LaMelo Ball lived up the hype. Lavar Ball always said his youngest (LaMelo) was going to be the best. Already, it seems true that he is better than his brothers Lonzo and LiAngelo. However, in a freak bang-bang play, LaMelo broke his wrist which seems to be season ending. He was a clear favorite to win rookie of the year. Does he still have a chance? Lets take a look at the stats.

LaMelo Ball will his finish his season with 15.9 PPG 5.9RPG and 6.1 APG. Those are great stats for rookie. Even besides the stats we see that he has unbelievable playmaking ability. The way he dishes the basketball to his teammates in tight areas shows. Here are some rookies who are going to be coming for the ROTY award.

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