Do Sports Sponsorships Influence Fans Purchasing?

NASCAR vehicles have many sponsors displayed.

Conversely, the PGA was somewhat surprising. With so many events driven by corporate sponsors, they had the least effect on consumers. With almost sixty percent of fans stating they have no influence. I feel this can be explained from personal experience. As someone who has viewed many golf tournaments, many of their sponsors are high-end luxury brands. A person like myself isn’t influenced by BMW and Rolex commercials either. These brands target a specific consumer, but their luxury statues alienate a large portion of the fanbase.

Companies like Rolex and BMW sponsor PGA events.

Conclusion On Sports Sponsorships Influence

I kept this comparison very simple to provide an example of the effectiveness of sponsors on fans. My goal wasn’t to bore you with tons of charts and graphs. Reflecting on my personal experience in comparison to other fans seems similar. So my answer to the original question is I believe, on some level, sponsorships do work. Even if less than fifty percent of fans are impacted, it provides a vast reach.

It depends on a variety of factors if the resources devoted by a sponsor are effective. And as I’ve tried to display, which sport a company chooses enters into the equation. The emotional and psychological connection to the team, sport, or individual also plays a part. What type of sponsorship or promotion is a major element. While I may never understand a fan choosing a vehicle based on a NASCAR driver, the fact is they exist.

So I would pose the question to you, do sports sponsorships influence your purchase decisions on any level? If you own or owned a company, would you become a corporate sponsor? If so, what sport would you choose?

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